Baltic Trailer Rental rents different types of semi trailers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

Baltic Trailer Rental rents Krone and Schmitz curtain siders, refrigerator trailers and many other different types of semi-trailers. Rent periods can vary from few days short term rental to up to five year long term leasing.

We can offer the latest and best trailers what the leading manufacturers can produce. Customers can have trailers with their own livery on long term contracts.


Renting trailers can be very cost effective and hassle free alternative to owning trailers. Baltic Trailer Rental can give you brand new trailers according to your needs. We take care of the maintenance and all related costs.
You will know exactly how much the cost per month is making planning easy and allowing you to concentrate on your core business.


Baltic Trailer Rental also has used semi trailers for sale.
Trailers for sale are in excellent condition and professionally maintained.